Do you know whole story?

Seems like everyone you talk with claims to be an expert. Ever hear anything like this We specialize in oil changes but we specialize in engines too. I can build you an engine at half the cost with twice the horsepower compared to those other guys. Bubba will fix you up real good. I think weve done something like before? Weve got 30 years experience with engines but we need to get the right tools and time to do the job. If you hear anything like this run as fast as you can!! Buying an engine shouldnt be treated like buying a carton of milk. There are differences. How long have they been in business not just building engines?

Are they ASE certified? Are they are things to all people? How much do they really know about engines? Are they just selling you or helping you? Mimic companies come across with plenty of sizzle but no steak. Just because it’s advertised on a website or magazine doesn’t always mean you’ll get it . Ask and probe for these answers. Don’t be afraid to check with the Better Business Bureau. Its important to our sales staff and techs to deliver what was promised. Theres a reason Engine Factory has been in business since 1969.