Are you buying big Horsepower or a big Headache?


Weve read our share of articles in a Hot Rod Magazine about a 1500 Horsepower Supercharged Twin Turbo engine Hooked up with a big bottle of nitrous. For all intensive purposes these cars are useless for a daily driver. They make for nice eye candy or good for towing to the track occasionally.

Be cautious of the lure for big Horsepower and Torque numbers. It can look impressive on a piece of paper but when your spending more time under the hood rather than actually behind the wheel it loses its appeal fast! The fact of the matter is Low end power out of your car or truck is more important than what the horsepower numbers are @ 6000 RPMs. We setup most of our engines to achieve its torque & HP to kick in below the 4000 RPM range so you experience the power without mashing the throttle to 100 mph.

Read through our website or speak to one of our sale techs to gain some insight in making an informed engine buying decision