Apples to Apples comparison

In the information world we live in nowadays theres so much to take in and cut to the chase as to what the differences are from one crate Engine Company to another. First glance the Photo may appear the same but the extras that some companies offer are standard for the Engine Factory.

Here would be some examples of extras that you pay for out of pocket from most generic Engines.


  • Flywheel
  • Carburetor
  • Air Cleaner
  • PCV and Breather
  • Braided Fuel Lines
  • Fuel Pump
  • Water Pump
  • Thermostat and Housing
  • Ignition System (Distributor, wires, coil and spark plugs)
  • Hot run testing the engine with a Video for documentation
  • Serpentine Billet Pulley Kits with Accessories  (Included with all our Cobra Kit Packages)
  • Instructions and labels for an easier installation
  • Crating


EF includes all of the above items with our Turnkey Engines.

Knowledge has power so ask the right questions.  In the end you may not be getting everything you were told youre getting.  Everything on our website is spelled out on what our engines include.  Others that try to sell a generic product but the fine print reads things like “May not work for all applications, modifications required or assembly required”.  There are a lot of smokescreens that make it difficult to see what youre actually getting and who youre getting it from.