No two Warranties are the same!

An extended warranty buys some extra peace of mind. Right?  Often the answer is surprisingly No!. A lot of companies use this as a sales hook to lure customers in.  Business ethics is not necessarily their strong suit!  Some warranties are outsourced to a 3rd party who dont know an engine from a fuel tank. First sign of a problem, you have to jump through hoops to make a claim along with all the disclaimers that arent covered. Often times claims are rejected for a number of reasons. There’s too many to list for this article, lack of lubrication, overheating, over revving, lack of maintenance etch.

There are definitely telltale signs of abused engine and the guilty parties are out there.   An engine thats well built, machined, has high grade parts, assembled properly & maintained has a much higher success rate. The best built engine wont last unless the supporting line of parts like an efficient radiator, transmission, exhaust system, computer, accessories are not up to speed. When an occasional problem arises, what separates the good companies from the not so good ones is how they handle them. If its an outside source caused an engine to go bad we dont cover it, period!  We do stand behind a defective part due to poor workmanship or directly from the manufacturer as per our warranty, not everyone does this! Most of Engine Factory Engines are covered for one year / Unlimited Miles.

When dealing with an engine that has hundreds of moving parts everything needs to work in unison. When they don’t, the weakest link will fail. We’ve found in many cases Brand new parts out of the Box to be defective from the Manufacturer.