Being in the Engine business for 30+ years has its challenges and rewards. It starts with an inside out approach. Staying organized; having a good core group of employees, cleanliness, using the best parts from the best vendors, taking care of our customers and making adjustments along the way are some our recipes for success. We’re family operated so we care about making it right, this seems more of a rarity these days. We were the first in the industry to offer a true complete Turnkey V8 engine with pulleys and accessories. Plus the first to truly live run test our engines with a customized video of it running. Our Turnkey Engine Packages make your installation go much smoother. See the recent Kit Car Article.

Back in the day, All the major Car makers would try outdo the next one; Millions of vehicles had a V8 stuffed under the hood at what are considered bargain prices today. Fast forward 40 years later, “stuff” happens”, Most of the baby boomers with their fast cars and free spirit in their youth had run into some detours along the way. Whether it be Marriage, Kids, Careers, “responsibilities” etc.. Funny thing though, the more things change the more they stay the same. Now with “life experience” under the belt, some spare change to spend along the need for speed, the rage is back and stronger than ever!! The next generation has caught the Performance bug too.

When dealing with owners of Cobra Replicas, Corvette, Camaro, Mustangs and hot rods the pattern is often the same. They want a reliable engine to cruise with, just enough muscle car sound, good looks under the hood and still be able light up the tires when stomping on the gas.

The challenge that faces us is to provide an engine that’s meets these requirements each and every time. On top of that still give a personal touch. IE polishing, engine block color, Ignition wire type, oil pan, timing cover type the list can go on. We’ve produced and sold over 10,000 engines over the years and still managed to setup each engine according to the year and model vehicle being installed into.

We have spent a lot time updating our website(s) including photos, detailed information, adding engine packages and revising technical data to make your Engine buying decision easier. Take a look at the extensive testing that goes into our live run engines. The internet is a great tool to find what your looking for but obviously beware of the scammers or newcomers with lots of sizzle but no steak. Companies that boast about quality and craftsmanship, make them put there money where there mouth is. Are they ASE Certified? How long have they actually been in business not just “experience”? Do they have references? Warranty? What parts are going into the engine? Is it a true ready to run engine or do you need to assemble and test it yourself? Do they have the technical know-how? Etc.. Others attempt to mimic our business model & website, but the truth is Nothing beats or compares to an original!  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery so to those of you We thank you!   What never can be replicated is our Team, Experience, Culture and outstanding Service!

So whether it is a stock look to a show winning polished engine, maybe something a little hotter than the factory stock engine or a red hot 500+Horsepower motor we’ve got it! If your after fuel injection we offer a brand new EFI kit this year that lives up to it’s Hype. Our engines ship across the USA along with countries like Canada, Mexico, South Africa, France, Germany, Australia and the list goes on. You can speak to one of our international sales reps as well. Our freight charges are very cost effectively by Land, Air or Sea. After doing your homework we hope you agree that you’ll get an exceptional engine at a fair price! We appreciate all the patronage from Cobra Replica owners that have our engines installed along with all others that entrusted us in their projects. Thank you and we welcome all our new customers!! Please Click through our website, Email us or talk to one of our sale techs to guide you through the process. We look forward to working with you on your next Engine project and hope we can you add you to our growing satisfied customer list!!

Custom Crate Engines by TD Global.
Christian Nelson