Are you really getting a bargain?

When dealing with an identical product we all are out to get the best price on the item.  Wal-Mart is a good example, they offer identical products for less $$ than companies like Loews, Sears or Home Depot can’t compete with. This makes perfect sense. We all want a great deal.  Pricing is always a consideration but shouldn’t be the only determining factor. There’s a lot more that goes into an engine than a pair of sneakers.

Some key questions:

  • What are you getting for your money?
  • How complete is the engine?
  • Who is actually doing the assembly and testing of the engine?
  • How long has the company been in business not just building engines?
  • What is the brand name parts being used?  Trust us they’re not all the same!
  • Do they have references?
  • How many engines do they actually sell in a year?
  • Does the company actually answer their phones, return calls or emails.  Many are more than willing to sell you something but when the first problem arises they are no where to be found!

Here is a perfect example. A customer called us and  loved what we have to offer but said they can get the same engine for $2,500 less!!  One of those cases where if it sounds too good to be true it is!  No need to smear this company but deceptive advertising is their MO.

We were offering a Ready to run 302 / 350 Horsepower engine for $6,795.00.  Other company $4,495.00

The difference was in the quality of the materials, how complete the engine was supplied and of course the fine print.  It Turns out the extras amounted to another $1,500 plus a lot of  “Foreign Name” Parts used, another words CHEAP ! – Substandard Heads, Intake, Rockers, one size fits all, No Balancing, Flat Tappet Camshaft not Roller, Early Casting Split Seal Crankshaft, Aftermarket Ignition from China, $800 extra to Dyno Test and Run In. We have been guilty as charged with experimenting with cheaper no brand name parts in the past.  Almost every time this came back to haunt us,  Time tested and proven components cost more for a reason.  Most people can understand this but it’s important to avoid the too good to be true deals.

Everyone wants to save in costs and their bottom line but compromising quality is a death sentence!

We believe we offer a great product at a fair price, excellent customer service with a track record to prove it.

We hope you enjoyed reading this entire article and that it has given you some good insight as well.