1967 Mustang Fastback – Alcapulco Blue

331 stroker Ford crate engine built by Engine Factory  www.www.mustangengines.com  A “stroker” engine is a basic 302 block that has been machined, longer piston stroke,

slightly greater displacement and all piston and components balanced to create a smoother running, high RPM high horsepower motor. The car also has a

Currie 9 inch rear end which is a heavy duty ‘positive traction’ rear axle that allows the rear leftand right rear wheels to grab evenly even on slick surfaces.

The result is fast acceleration, no spinning of tires as explained by the lovely Lisa Tomei in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” .Other options include Hooker

Headers, Hurst shift linkage, GT striping, Tractive under-dash tach, hood pin locks, traction bars, fog lights, power assist front disk brakes. VIDEO WATCH

Acupulco blue Fastback 67 stang 2 Bill of Sale rear end