Dear Bruce. Thank you

Dear Bruce,

I purchased a 302 Ford engine for my Cobra Replica from the Engine Factory.  It arrived on time and looked great, everything and had everything promised.  After installing it, it fired up instantly and ran without a hitch, I was thrilled.  It always started easily, had lots of torque and would move my car along very quickly.  I had 3500 trouble free miles on the car, when I ran into some problems.  I was quite upset  & could not see why this should happen.   Upon tear down of the engine some problems were found, I E-Mail Engine Factory & within a few hours I received a call from Matt.  We discussed the problem and without hesitation, arguing or blaming he arranged to send me the necessary parts. Engine Factory stood behind their warranty.  I am very pleased.

I  have dealt with many companies over the years, some good, some bad, but The Engine Factory is exemplary.  To rectify matters so quickly, completely and without quibbling is the mark of a company I can trust and look forward to doing additional business.  They deliver a product of good value, as promised and with a backup once you receive it second to none.

Highly Recommended.


Dr. Loda