Purchased the EFI 400 hp 351

Chris Purchased the EFI 400 hp 351 complete engine trans package from them. The day He registered his car on the road ( there were no gocart rides ) He called to let them them know it would finally be used. This was well after the warranty was up. Chris was told this was no problem. They would warranty the engine from here.

Well 200 miles later we developed a issue with the engine. EF was called and we were told to pull the engine and deliver it to them, they would need the engine back. Chris delivered it in NJ. and had the fresh new Engine back in our hands in less than a week. Well I must tell you the new engine is just awsome. We just finished the install last night at 11pm and by this morn Chris has already 120 miles on it. It just runs perfect.

Their post sale service is just awsome.
Thankyou Engine Factory.
For an awsome engine and even better service.

yes its fast.