FFR Coupe engine arrived

351W Motor arrived from Engine Factory today

Daytona Coupe engine










This thing is a piece of art.  The team at Engine Factory did a fantastic job putting it together.  I originally planned on just using the bracket supplied by FFR for the AC compressor but after talking to Chris at EF I am glad I went with their March billet pulley mount.  I compressed the picture above but it is awesome.  They ship all the boxes for the parts they use with the motor and put handy explanatory tags on everything to show where stuff goes.  I flattened all the boxes but cut off any part numbers or descriptions in case I damage something later on and need to replace it.
I went with a 351 Windsor motor with a carb instead of EFI.  EFI is  more expensive  and given I don’t plan on modifying this engine, or trying to squeeze out more HP (400 rated already in a 2500lb car) a car is fine.  They also install a custom air cleaner designed specifically to fit under the deck hood of the coupe.  From what I understand the 351W fits okay but not with a lot of room to spare so every little bit helps.  And as I said before I’m building my car, not someone else’s interpretation of a Cobra Coupe so not having the Cobra stamped air intake doesn’t bother me.  And this one looks really good anyway.

No seriously, just look at this thing.  It is bee-you-tee-full.  Some day I will actually hear it run.  I mean in the car.  EF also sends you a video of it running before they ship it.