67 Mustang Restomod Project

Red Mustang

Good morning ,

Here is a picture of our 67 Mustang restomod project.

The 302  was purchased from you in 2003, and still runs great. Besides being driven around town, we take it to the drag strip a few times a year. Like any street car, it always a blast to burn some rubber and run it down the 1/4 mile.

Almost all the work has been done by me including the body and paint. I tell people the only thing original on the car is the roof, pretty much everything has been replaced/upgraded on the body, drivetrain and suspension. I did have a buddy (with a lift) do the rack and pinion conversion.

I have included  2 finished pictures, a short movie of it going down the ¼, and a pre-restoration pic.

Thanks for the help and info.