347 Engine Factory Great Job!!

So I decided to go with Engine Factory to build my motor. It was a bit more money, but have good reviews. Plus I like that the engine is fully built by certified people that know what they’re doing, then fully run test it, break in the cam and lifters, and get everything all dialed in and tuned up. Literally a drop-in-and-drive motor. I probably would have been able to build up a long-block myself, but these guys have experience, and know what parts work well together to make a solid motor. Either way, their customer service is top-notch in my experience. They took time to talk with me on the phone, answer questions, and more importantly, ask ME questions to find out exactly what I was looking for and what I needed to build me the right motor. Not only that, but during the build they took plenty of photos along the way to email me, they sent me a video of the engine running on their test stand, and included a dvd walk-through of my engine showing all the specifics and hook-ups. They also sent all the documentation and paperwork for everything, as well as their guidelines and instructions for hooking everything up properly.

So here’s what I got. I went with a 347 stroker, built off of a 302 block. Since I bought my kit used and partially assembled, and the previous owner ordered it with 302/351 mounts and 302 headers, this seemed like the best way to go. Should be plenty of horsepower and torque for a cruising hot-rod machine that sees a little bit of “spirited driving.” Not the biggest out there, but I think it will be awesome. So, Engine Factory took a 302 block, and built it up as a 347 stroker. It’s got Edelbrock RPM heads, Edelbrock RPM air-gap intake, Holley 650 Ultra Double Pumper carburetor, Canton oil pan, MSD billet distributor and MSD coil, March under-drive polished pulley set, chrome alternator, and Cobra air cleaner and valve covers. They also installed my clutch, Quick Time bell housing, and a mini high torque starter, and got everything properly aligned. It’s ready to slide a transmission into it, bolt it up, and go.