1970 Mustang Fastback Project

Hey guys,

I am sending you this note to say THANK YOU for building me a great engine. I have been in the process of having my 1970 Fastback Mustang restored over the past 6 years. A few delays , but I purchased a 347 Stroker back in 2011, shipped to Steve Dominguez, Carolina Restyling in Charlotte NC. Early in 2012, Steve suddenly passed away. The family tried to regroup and keep the business running but he was the heart and soul of his shops restorations, and after several months I had to find someone else to finish the job. Through the local Rock Hill SC Cruisers Club, I found Richard Bryant of Stoney Lonesone Customs. http://stoneylonesomecustoms.com/ I am sending you a couple pics but you can see more on their website.

Richard and his team have been doing a great job on my car, but I have been concerned about the engine. Since I saw the video you sent after building my stroker motor, it has been setting for well over a year. I was worried about everything from oil pressure problems to trash that had made it was in somehow. Today, we fired it back up and it started without hesitation. It sounds awesome and running as smooth as the day it was built. This 347 roared to life and after a long, long restoration journey, made me believe that one day soon I will have my Mustang back.

I bought this Mustang back in ’78 and it was my first car. I drove it until 1988 and for 20 years I stored it at family and friends house, waiting to restore it. My wife found Steve 6 years ago and though unbelievable delays, I think we are getting very close. After today, one thing I will not worry about any longer is the engine. Thank you!! You guys are awesome!

Jamie Burroughs
Fort Mill SC