Installed engine in an Hour

Cobra Engine Install









Installed engine in One hour Guys!!

Runs great.  Heres a video clip 

Fraser’s FFR Cobra Build: 

Today was a great day as the 2nd build milestone was completed with the installation of the engine and transmission. This keeps the build on schedule for a first engine start around Thanks Giving.Tips and general information:1. Use a 2 ton engine leveler, the ¾ ton leveler used although within the weight limit has limited span and chain length which meant that the EFI injection body needed removing.2. Wrap and protect every area you think you may scratch or accidentally swing into. In the picture you can see bubble wrap around the lifting chain to protect the valve covers and inlet manifold, bubble wrap on the hydraulic cylinder as the steep transmission angle required results in the pulley’s hitting the ram. Radiator mounting bar and 4” cross tube all benefit from protection.

3. Jacking the rear of the car higher than the front reduces the angle required to swing in the transmission.

4. Use of a ratchet strap on the transmission helps jacking the complete assemble back towards the rear and aligning the engine mounts.5. The large plate of aluminum under the transmission mount will be machined to form a ¾” spacer as required for a Tremec TKO.

TKO 600 Trans










6. Slow and steady, it’s not a race.