Factory Five MKIV 347. Thanks Guys


Good Morning Guys,

It has been nearly two years since I took delivery of the 347-stroker you and your team built for me.  I thought I would send you a note about my progress and the performance of the engine.

When I was doing my research I spoke with many of your competitors and sought references from other cobra builders, your engines are heads above the others and the references were all very strong.  I have no doubt that I made the correct choice when engaging the Engine Factory to build my engine.

When I find an open road and get on it, the acceleration is outstanding. The PA State inspector said that he has driven dozens of cobras over the years and thought mine was one of the best he has ever driven.  Plenty of power and predictable behavior.

Thank you for building me a great engine, providing great service and being patient with and responsive to my numerous questions.

If I ever build another Factory Five I will certainly give you a call.