Impressive Evolution: Car Lock Security


Did you know that the very first automobiles that saw the light of day didn’t have locks on them? This wasn’t a problem for the drivers who were usually the wealthiest people of those times who could afford to hire drivers who would spend all of their time around the cars. Later on, vehicle started to become a little more sophisticated, so they started having security systems – but don’t imagine anything too complicated? Think in terms of removable steering wheels that enabled drivers to simply grab the steering wheel with them once they were done being on the road, and hence stop thieves from stealing their reporgran transponder keys

What Came Next?

Times were evolving, people’s ideas and needs were growing and evolving, so the necessity for more advanced security systems soon followed. Locks started being invented and used, and the evolution of car locks continued till today, when we “see” invisible key systems that can unlock doors with a simple hand gesture. Talk about stepping into the future! Creating even safer cars has become the priority of all manufacturers, and it is not uncommon for today’s cars to be sold with modern electronically-engineered locking systems.

Brief Display Of Car Locks Throughout The History

Initial car locks were all mechanical and they relied on certain type key blanks cut in order to fit a number of locks:

  • Wafer tumbler locks used flat wafers made from a single piece whose size varied. With the right key, the wafers were pushed into place, hence triggering the turn of the lock.
  • Pin tumbler locks featured metal pins inside the cylinder of the lock, and only a key having the accurate height of cuts could be placed inside so the lock could be turned eventually.
  • People who still own cars with pin or wafer tumblers are prone to have a hard rime protecting their cars from thieves, as these locks can be picked quite easily with the simplest tools.

Electronic Locks With Key Fobs

The majority of recent cars feature electronic locks. That require number pads and key fobs for the locking and unlocking procedures. Also, most of the keys come with computer chips on the interior, so they can successfully prevent duplications, or stop thieves trying to use fake keys from. A locksmith can rekey your car locks and add computer chips to your locks or recommend other security measures you could instill. Take a look at a few flat rates used by a local locksmith in Los Angeles here and save their emergency number in your phone in case you will ever need them to regain access into your car – lockouts by accident are more frequent than what you might think.

Professional locksmiths that offer automotive services are trained and ready to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of electronic locks. If you need someone to reprogram your transponder keys, make new copies on the spot, fix a broken ignition, install an advanced steering wheel lock, or even a special car alarm system, you should definitely rely on an expert whose job is to do these things every day. Make sure you pick a licensed and insured technician who is located nearby so you do not waste a lot of time waiting for them or paying for poor service.