Ford Bronco, F150, F250 Ready to Run Engines

Ford initially created the Bronco as their answer to the Jeep CJ models and International Harvester’s Scout model. It’s short 92″ wheelbase made the Early Bronco ideal for off-roading.  A few of the specific areas where the 1966 Ford Bronco differs from the later year models are outlined below: The ends of the stock rear bumper on 1966 Broncos went out straight as opposed to the taper found on 67-77 models.

The first models of early Bronco came with either a 170 ci Six-cylinder engine or a 289 ci V8 engine.  In 1969, Ford Motor Company changed the 289 engine over to a 302 V8 in order to compete with Chevrolet’s new Blazer model which featured a 350 ci V8 engine.  In 1973, Ford also increased the displacement of the Bronco’s 6-cylinder option from 170 ci to 200 ci.  Also in 1973, Ford added options for factory power steering and automatic transmissions which helped to increase sales tremendously.  In 1976 & 1977, the last two years of the early Bronco, Ford began offering front disc brakes as standard equipment on the Bronco and offered vacuum assisted power brakes as an option (most 76-77 Ford Broncos came equipped with this option).


Standard = 170 cu. in., Inline 6 cylinder
Optional = 289 cu. in., V8
Igniton = Points



We offer a few different Options for the Classic Broncos, 4 x4’s, F100, F150 Trucks.

302 / 335 HP Carbureted Turnkey Engine 

347 Stroker / 420lbs Torque Carbureted Engine

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