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These motors are being swapped into everything from classic street rods, cobra replica kit cars and of course  mustang platforms . You can get these motors as stock replacement motors or the amazing Boss  engine.


Coyote front runner
Vintage Air Coyote Engine with AC and Power Steering

What does it take to Swap a Coyote Motor into in   1979-2004 Mustang Chassis?

The main thing that makes this engine swap easier to work with  is the Ford Racing Harness & Controls pack.  This is a stand alone computer and harness that simply plugs into the motor and runs everything.  it really is a s simple as hooking up a fuel supply, power source, and a ground source to get the engine running in your car.


Control Pack Coyote
5.0 Coyote Control Pack 5 Speed.










Installing this engine into a 79-95 Mustang will require the use of a K-member that has 4.6L motor mounts. The most common products used are aftermarket Tubular K-member Kits.  These K-members along with the Moroso Coyote Swap Oil Pan will allow the motor to bolt into the 1979-2004 Mustang Chassis.



K Member Coyote Swap
K Member for Mustang Swap








If you are going through the trouble of swapping this motor into a different chassis, more than likely you aren’t going to use the stock style exhaust.  BBK offers Swap Headers and Mid-pipes to make life a little easier as well.   The BBK Long tube headers are designed specifically for installing the Coyote 5.0L into a 1979-2004 Mustang chassis.  Along with the headers, they also offer an Off-Road X-Pipe as well as a Catalytic X-Pipe to connect the headers to whatever cat-back exhaust system you desire.  Pan needed for Hot Rod installs.


Coyote Swap Headers
Mustang Long Tube Coyote Swap Headers









There are solutions for both automatic and manual applications. For a manual transmission, Quicktime has a SFI Approve bellhousing designed specifically to mate a modular motor to a the awesome T56 Magnum Transmission.   This is great for Fox Body applications which allows the use of factory clutch cable as well as a factory speedometer gear.  You can use an 8-bolt flywheel for 1996-2004 Cobra along with any 99-04 Clutch.  Automatic applications are a little more involved but still available as a bolt-in kit.  Performance Automatic has come out with a 4R70W Street Smart Transmission kit for the 5.0L Coyote engine.  This kit comes with a high performance transmission, torque converter, flex plate, and transmission controller.  This kit has everything you need to bolt up, install and run a 4R70W transmission behind a 5.0L Engine or Crate motor.



Coyote oil pan swap
Canton Front Sump Canton Coyote Oil Pan










We offer the Coyote engine packages with the correct Canton Oil pan, Wiring harness, Sensors and
pulleys depending upon if its going into a Fox Body Mustang or Street Rod.

We can help with allocating the remaining part for your engine transplant.



64-73 Coyote Engine / Trans Swap


Wiring Harness Instructions