351w stroke to 393w

I went with the Engine Factory; 351w stroked to 393, full polish.

I created a spreadsheet with all the specs I wanted the engine built to; what parts, any extra work to be done, setup…. we went back and forth a couple of times to fine tune, they priced it and it worked out great. For exmaple, I wanted all ss flex lines, a new ’93 style PS pump, ARP studs, and so…

Polished Edelbrock heads, intake, and carb. The only problem I have had with the carb was from the oval Tony Branda Cobar air cleaner – it was sufficating it. Changed to an Edelbrock foam triangle open air cleaner and it was night and day. But, you could specify a different carb, EFI, or dual quad with them I am sure.