Modern security car keys

It’s always interesting to follow the latest news about security systems. You would never say that even the automotive industry stepped in the world of security systems. In fact, the last models of cars include a security system code with a remote keyless entry.

Safety: that’s where we should start from!

Everything starts from the security and personal safety aspects. In fact, try to imagine how it would be if anyone could use a key to open other cars: the automotive industry is working hard to prevent such situations and to fight each form of possible manipulation of car keys.

Each car key normally includes a code: once this code falls in the wrong hands, they can simply retransmit this code to open your car.

Most modern car key consist of a miniaturized chip. This chip creates the code that gets transmitted to the car. To provide security, all modern car keys use a controller chip called rolling code (or hopping code).

Now, you have to know that the transmitter’s controller chip has a 40 bit as of memory location. This means that once you push a button on your key fob, the key transmits a 40 bit code along with a function code to your car: this function and the 40 bit code practically tell your car to open or to close.

Unexpected situations

You would probably think that such a security system is 100% working and would never break down. Well, the truth is that the more such security system are developed and modern, the more they can suffer from unexpected failures or defects.

So, it’s not so rare to hear about car lockout problems or broken car keys… in fact, not always automatic security system can generate perfect resolution, so it’s always a good thing to have an automotive locksmith’s phone number at reach.

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