EFI or Carb which way to Go?

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There can be an argument for Either  –  Some further Questions we Typically Ask………

Do you have a limited budget?

The old standby Carb has been around forever, and there is something to be said for simplicity and Cost . If after a few years you wanted to Convert over to EFI its do-able.

Are you more of a Weekend Warrior?

Cruise locally or maybe layout some rubber. A carbureted engine may work just fine for you.

 Plan on Long cruises to Car shows or maybe go on the Power tour ?

EFI Certainly can have advantages with fuel mileage, consistent throttle response and adaptability.

What is climate like where you drive your car?

Extremely Cold or Hot Temps EFI adapt with the ideal Air Fuel Ratio.  Not to say a Carb engine wouldn’t run but, may need some tweaking being that its fixed mechanical device.  Some extra pumps at cold start up or very hot days fuel vapor lock.

Do you drive in High Elevations?

Driving in High Elevations like the Rocky Mountains typically higher than 6000 feet ABSL  tricks the carb in running more rich being that the air is thinner especially if it was tuned at sea level.  Re-jetting can solve some of these problems but uttimately the aftermarket EFI  we install will adapt this automatically with the ECU and O2 Sensor.

What are your Mechanical hands on skills?

A Carbureted Turnkey engine is less  install time initially. Some are still intimidated with installing fuel injection but the aftermarket has made things easier, plus we clearly label things so its pretty straightforward to plugin. Probably one of the biggest jobs of EFI is the plumbing of the fuel lines to the engine and installing the 02 Sensor Correctly.

There are a lot of EFI Systems on the market, which one is best for my vehicle?

We have used a number of EFI aftermarket Systems – MSD, Holley, EZ-EFI,FI-Tech, Edelbrock. Each company makes there claim to why one is better than the other.  We have had a lot of success with the Atomic EFI.  Less wiring than others, can run fuel returnless (not in all cases),  integral ECU, on the fly handheld wizard.  Engine Factory tests each setup on your custom crate engine to verify all the readings are within specs.  See video sample

 So to sum it up:

If you fall in the category of Occasional Weekend Warrior & on a Budget –  One of our Carbureted  Engine packages  may do the trick!

Longer Cruises,  Different Elevations, Extreme Hot or Cold Climates.  –  Go with one of our EFI Engine Pkgs.    Crisp throttle response, Consistent Torque, Fuel Efficiency, Adaptability,  Modern Technology