Contender or Pretender

Getting what you Pay For!!

Being in the engine business for 40+ years we’ve seen our share of changes. The internet is one of them; the internet is a great tool for finding just about anything. It has helped our business grow considerably. In fact, we have shipped engines to every time zone in the world. The benefits of course are you can shop at your leisure, compare pricing and products with a click of a mouse. The downside of it is any person or company can come across as being the biggest and most reputable company in the world.

Case in point; we had a customer recently purchase our 400 HP / 351W engine. Got it installed and absolutely loves the motor but this is just where the story begins! Prior to coming to the Engine Factory he had bought a comparable engine on Ebay that was selling for the price. Supposedly it had the same or better components, more Horsepower, free upgrades, Live run tested, Free shipping and list goes on. Turns out the company advertising on Ebay was selling a junk yard engine, spray painting it, bolting on a new manifold and never running the engine in. The seller actually used some of our engine photos to advertise on top of it. Needless to say the customer installed the engine and after 20 miles the engine seized up. Never got his money back and the company is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately this is not an isolated case. There are plenty of con-men out there like this. Caveat Emptor!!

We have found in most cases that an engine priced hundreds to thousands less than what we offer arent what they claim to be: Wrong engine for the application, cheaper Asian components substituted, not hot run tested, not Turnkey Ready, no customization, no customer service, no knowledge of engines and so on and so on.

The reference chart shown gives a snapshot of a Typical Ford crate engine compared to what Engine Factory offers. We live in a fast paced visual world so we tend to skimp on details. Heres the Price and Heres the Photo. Investigate further the upgrades amount to hundred to thousands more in cost. Most companies treat engines as a sideline business; Engines are our business, All the time! So we like to say we set the standard from which all others follow.

Items like the Braided steel Fuel lines, Fuel pumps, pulleys, accessories, thermostat housing, ignition, Carburetors, testing running, complete Fuel injection systems that are fitted on most of our engine packages is what separates Engine Factory . This makes for a much easier and smoother installation. Know the difference because knowledge is powerful! We’re proud of our Satisfied Customer List!

Engine Factory offers a Great Turnkey engine at a very fair price. Factor in the name brand parts, technician experience, Live run testing and the family pride we take in this business makes for a winning combination. Cobra and Muscle car enthusiasts and Clubs have given us their business based upon these merits. We look forward to having you aboard,