Tips For Not Getting The Short End Of The Stick In Car Dealerships


Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve spent many hours inside a car dealership only to walk out with a deal that was less that satisfying, only you didn’t know it while the dealer was still using his charm on you? In some cases, this is the actual truth, and not just a side effect of the state of exhaustion you are in. Nevertheless, this does not mean you are recommended to never use a cra dealer again. There are some clever ways of still getting the long end of the stick when buying a new car or when it needs routine maintenance.

Why Take Your Car To The Car Dealer When You Can Opt For Private Shops?

Assuming you own a Ford vehicle, you will have fully experienced and professional Ford technicians working on your car – at least this is what is going to happen in 95 to 100 percent of the time at a car dealership. This means you vehicle will be well taken care of since the technicians there will make full use of Ford resources and their Ford training in order to fix it the best way possible. They have attended the right Ford classes and schools to keep up with the latest changes and technologies in the industry. In terms of pricing, there are also plenty of cases of maintenance and repair services that might be actually costing you less with a car dealership than what they would cost at a regular mechanic’s shop.

However, certain services such as transponder key reprogramming or car lock rekey might cost less at times – or at least they might have the advantage of being taken care of a lot faster with the help of a specialized car locksmith company. For those of you living in the Arizona area, the guys at for example make for an excellent choice in terms of 24/7 emergency car lockout cases when you need a professional lock technician immediately reach the location you are stranded in with your keys locked on the inside and help you get in and get back on the road again. Their car repair services are some of the lowest in the industry and you can feel free to check them out on their site. They also handle jammed ignition problems and even garage door repair or lock or deadbolt fixing, lock rekey, and fresh lock installation, besides their commercial and residential locksmith services.

How Do Car Dealers Pad The Bills?

They rely on the shop supplies they are using while fixing your car, including costs for items and services that are used by any car shop by default and should therefor not be charged. Think of it as going to a restaurant and being billed for using napkins and being asked for rent for the chairs. Lubricants and shop rags are just a few of the shop items you should expect to be asked extra money for. But you could also end up being charged for having your old oil be disposed of. You should always ask to see the precise items they have use don your car, and challenge them to do it, as they could eventually knock it off your bill.