Tips For Landing Mechanical Engineering Jobs

A person’s passion for cars will oftentimes lead to a desire to start working in the field of mechanical engineering, car repair, or automotive locksmithing. Going to car shows and constantly staying informed on the latest models and breakthroughs in terms of engines and smart technologies on board will develop one’s sense of wanting to work in the industry. If your number one interest is strongly related to Ford engines and you enjoy reading our blog and staying tunned with the latest news in the field, a job as a mechanical engineer might be just right for you. If you do not know what are the educational requirements needed for such a position, and the rest of the skills and competencies asked by employers, these next few lines will get you started.

Why Become A Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineers need to rely on strong scientific and mathematic principles in order to devise their solutions for various construction, as well as manufacturing and design issues. In order to have a chance to land such a job, you will need to at least obtain a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and licensure is also required by most states across the U.S. But with a projected job growth of 5% until the year 2022 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and an average salary of close to $86k per year, it would seem that the sacrifice is well worth it.

Earning Your Licensures

Mechanical engineers who are working across the U.S. need a licensure as a Professional Engineer. For this, they will need a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year institution that received accreditation from ABET, as well as gather work experience while attentively supervised by a licensed engineer. Candidates need to pass the some Fundamentals of Engineering and Principles and Practice of Engineering tests as well. If you take a look at a few of the jobs you can currently find available in Artisan following this link here, you should not be surprised to discover similar licensure and educational requirements for similar positions there. For example, a job as a Engineering Foreman will have you land a job for company that will require you to ensure full adherence to all of the requirements of various safety acts, as well as environmental procedures and other company policies.

Mechanical Engineering – Career Opportunities

In terms of opportunities for the future, you should know that a degree will open quite a few doors for you and help you taste the variety of fields you could be working in, including automobile manufacturers, as well as government agencies and other institutions. If you live in Alaska, Delaware or New Mexico, or you are planning or relocating there for a job, you should know that mechanical engineers here are earning the highest annual mean salaries. You can use a specialized job search website to constantly keep an eye on the latest additions and opportunities in your field. You can search for a job title or a more elaborate job description, or you can go straight to the cities or zipcodes you would like to move to and start your search there. Send out resumes and application letters and get ready to see your rewarding career bloom.