Sunbeam Tiger in Europe

Check out this Beautiful 66 Sunbeam Tiger our Customer Per from Norway restored….

Dropping in our 302 / 350 HP Engine PKG







Sunbeam Tiger 302



Some Background on the Sunbeams

The Sunbeam Tiger was a development of the Sunbeam Alpine series I, introduced by the British manufacturer Rootes in 1959. Rootes realised that the Alpine needed more power if it was to compete successfully in world markets, but lacked a suitable engine and the resources to develop one. The company therefore approached Ferrari to redesign the standard inline-four cylinder engine, recognising the sales cachet that “powered by Ferrari” would be likely to bring. Negotiations initially seemed to go well, but ultimately broke down.

In 1962 racing driver and Formula 1 champion Jack Brabham proposed to Rootes competition manager Norman Garrad the idea of fitting the Alpine with a Ford V8 engine, which Garrad relayed to his son Ian, then the West Coast Sales Manager of Rootes American Motors Inc. Ian Garrad lived close to where Carroll Shelby had his Shelby American operation, which had done a similar V8 conversion for the British AC Cobra