Pros and Cons of the 2016 Ford Mustang


Ford Mustangs are so popular nowadays that many car enthusiasts would like to have it in their garage or at least take it for a spin. The first model was released in 1964 and they have reached the sixth generation of cars since. It’s been said they are working on the seventh generation of Mustangs scheduled to be produced in 2020. Until then, let’s see what the 2016 Mustang has to offer to anyone who loves muscle cars.

Pros of buying a 2016 Ford Mustang

If you are interested in lowering the costs of gas, the Ecoboost engine is quite efficient and so is the V-6. With this model you can actually put the words muscle car and eco-friendly in the same sentence. The Ecoboost has 310 horsepower and sprints to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. Besides, this is the first time since the early 90s when Mustangs have a 4-cylinder engine.

If the V-6 is not enough for you, there’s the V-8 waiting just around the corner. With an incredible horsepower of 435, the V-8 reaches 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. It is available with both manual and automatic transmission.

This model has enhanced handling and special track features because after all, many enthusiasts want to take their cars to the race track. The launch control system offers state of the art acceleration and you also get the Electronic Line Lock feature. As for handling, Mustang upgraded from axle suspension to track-tuned suspension that offers improved balance and control to dodge obstacles on the road.

If you love convertibles, you will be thrilled to learn that the 2016 mustang comes with a convertible top. Many other exciting features include a Brembo brake system, a TORSEN rear axle, heated and cooled seats, a Shaker Pro audio system, HID headlight, not to mention the adaptive cruise control and the blind spot monitor.

Cons of buying a 2016 Ford Mustang

There’s not much to say here but we must mention that the Mustang does not perform well in the snow. It’s decent in the rain though. Another disadvantage is that fact that there is not much rear-seat space. If you are not cool with this, you should consider the Dodge Challenger. Also, the car is pretty heavy than other sports cars since it has a curb weight of about 3,600 pounds.


The V6 and the Ecoboost start at $26,000 whereas the GT coupe starts at $33,000. The GT convertible is probably the most expensive model, starting around $50,000. The convertible V6 starts at $30,000, the Ecoboost Premium at $36,000 while the GT Premium costs at least $43,000. The car is not exactly cheap but considering we’re talking about a sports car, it’s not that expensive either.

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