427w / 500 HP Fuel Injected Fox Body 86-95 Mustang


427w Huge torque Gains over factory 302 EFI Mustang Engine. Will Replace a 302 engine for a GT Mustang with proper exhaust Headers and accessory brackets. Mass Air Required.


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427w / 500 HP Fuel Injected Fox Body 86-95 Mustang

Our  427w Engine replacement engine for a 87-95 Mustang Engine. Mass Air Needed. Lots of upgrades over factory 302 EFI engine. Better breathing cylinder heads, Ignition, induction, internals. Etc..  Includes a lot of the small hose fittings and hardware.

We are offering 427w / 550 HP Fuel Injected ’86-’95 Mustang listed below..

  • Precision machined 4 bolt main 351w roller block
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Steel h beam connecting rods w/ 190,00 psi hardened bolts
  • Mahle / srp forged pistons 10.5 to 1 compression
  • Perfect circle chrome moly piston rings
  • 3 piece steel double roller style timing chain
  • Steel xtreme energy roller camshaft. Huge torque!
  • New melling oil pump and screen
  • Aluminum Performance Cylinder Heads. 60cc Combustion Chambers with Bronze Guides
  • 2.05 stainless steel swirl polished intake valves
  • 1.60 stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves
  • Hard seats for unleaded or regular fuel
  • Heavy duty 1.55 diameter valve springs, 7 degree locks
  • Champion spark plugs gapped and installed
  • Comp cams ultra pro magnum chrome moly steel roller rockers
  • New heavy duty chrome moly push rods
  • New canton low profile large capacity rear sump 7 quart oil pan
  • Timing chain cover with scale
  • Aluminum  baffled valve covers
  • Heavy duty automatic flywheel
  • New trick flow intake manifold
  • New 75mm throttle body
  • Electronic msd ignition distributor. 1 wire hook-up 45,000 volt coil
  • 90 degree thermostat housing & 180 degree thermostat
  • 8mm accel silicone wires
  • High flow water pump
  • Dip tube and dipstick
  • Spin  tested checked for oil pressure and leaks
  • Blue printed, balanced, assembled by ase technicians
  • Crating and packaging at no extra charge


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