Most car engines are inefficient: why’s that?

We truly believe that it’s a shame for automotive industries to produce cars and vehicles of all types and models that still are 85% inefficient as to their internal combustion engines.

After all, we are in 2015 and after all the technology developments and new scientific discoveries we happen to hear about every day or so, it’s really weird that the automotive industry doesn’t take advantage of so many enhancements… or, probably is there some sort of interests in keeping the efficiency level of the internal combustion so low?

The first cars appeared on the globe about a century ago, but since then a solid 85% of the energy derived from oil is still wasted on gas car.

Electric vehicles: could they save the situation?

Of course, such a waste of energy means a waste of money. That’s probably an answer to our question above. Anyways, we still have a good chance to avoid such inconvenience for the sake of our pockets: the electric cars.

Electric vehicles struggle to find that large success they should deserve for being eco-friendly vehicles.

However, it seems that electric cars will finally know some diffusion in the US. The great news is that electrical vehicles are about 90% efficient in their consume of energy.                     Electric cars

The problem is how to “feed” electrical cars: solar energy on the roof could be a good idea, but only in 8 State of the US solar panels are going to be cheaper.

So, this is why we still have to use vehicles that use petrol derivates.

What happens with car problems?

Moreover, if you own an electric car and it suddenly stop to work or some part in the engine is damaged or so, how could you do to repair it? most automotive locksmiths and other technicians don’t have the right knowledge about electrical engines.

This is due to the fact that the electric automotive industry practically doesn’t exist at all.

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