Introducing our EZ Start Engine Program

What’s the 4-1-1 on the EZ Start Program.  Read On…………..


Brief Explanation:

Engine is literally setup ready to start out of the box  with a closed loop hose kit.  Wiring Hooked up from your battery with an actual ignition toggle switch to start it up. Engine remains bolted down to shipping pallet and can be started whenever the customer chooses. Hearing protection will be needed. But there is nothing that will get your Juices flowing like the roar of your engine.


What else is needed?  

Your Battery, a fuel source, coolant and Oil.  – Your engine will need to be purchased from us with a starter and bellhousing installed. Most of our Cobras are purchased that way.


Who is it geared towards?

This option is perfect for that ongoing resto or kit car project that sometimes require the engine to sit for several months or years. The engine can actually be installed intact if desired or left bolted down to delivery pallet while the rest of the vehicle is being finished. Then when the vehicle is almost complete it is just a matter of removing a few hoses and 3 wires.


What are the advantages?

If an engine sits for several months without starting (pickling)  it may lose its prime and in many cases moisture will form in the engine which will cause lifter plungers to seize which can cause valve damage on start up. By starting up the engine every couple of weeks it keeps it preserved and ready to go when doing final assembly.


What does it cost?



How do I take advantage of it?

Just ask one of our sales techs to add to the order.



This is not to run for an extended period of time usually 3 to 5 Minutes nor does it take in place of a radiator.