Car Lock and Ignition Troubles and Fast Alternative For The Road

While the internet makes for a good place to start your search for quick solutions for a broken car lock or ignition, there are cases when trying to imitate online advice simply won’t work. This is particularly the case when you are driving on the highway or in the middle of a traffic jam and you notice your locks suddenly block or you cannot insert the key into the ignition. The last thing you have time and tools for is such a quick fix which in some cases might prove not to be so quick after all.

So What Can You Do?

  • You do have a few solutions to get you back on the road again though. You can call a mobile mechanic, some local car repair expert, a locksmith, or simply drive your car to the nearest exit and rent one of our cars, if that is possible.
  • If you have time to look into the matter by yourself, start by checking the least obvious first. Namely, check out the auto key lock on your key chains. They are operated by a battery that will eventually wear out. Have the old battery replaced and see if this solves your problem in case you were confronting with the inability of unlocking your doors.
  • You can also take a look at the rest of the locks on your doors and see if they work. In case they don’t, you are probably looking at a blown fuse that will need further fixing. If they do work, you should look at the door lock solenoid. If you are not sure how to do that, get in touch with a L.A. auto locksmith company if you live in the city and have them fix the problem fast and easy. Opt for authorized locksmiths who special in a wide variety of automotive lock problems, including lock rekey, lock fix, fresh lock installation, transponder key programming/reprogramming, ignition repair, key duplicate services and so on.
  • You can also try to work the lock manually –move it up and down and use the auto lock at the same time. If you notice the lock trying to move, you might be confronting with a frozen lock mechanism that will need further attention on behalf of an experienced car lock technician. Don’t worry, if your problem is reported as an emergency when calling the locksmith’s service number, they will send over a mobile crew that will reach your location within 20 minutes of placing a call, so you shouldn’t waste a great deal of time waiting for the lock to be fixed. If time does not allow you to do that on the spot, your best solution is to par your car somewhere, rent a car, run your errands around the city and come back and call a locksmith – you can even schedule appointments with them via phone or online forms.
  • Try to move the door back and forth while holding the lock button down; if you see the lock opening, it probably means one of the wires is broken or fried and needs fixing or changing.