Are You All In When It Comes To Road Safety?


So you’ve recently bought the Moser Performance Dynamic Rear Drag Brake Kit – the Old Style 2.36” offset and you feel your car is ready to hit the road like never before. You feel entirely safe – at least when it comes the degree of safety of your car now that you have taken it out of the shop and you know there is nothing wrong with it. But what about the aggressiveness behind the wheel and the often times risky behavior a lot of drivers tend to show in traffic? Can you truly say you are all in just like a professional poker player who knows exactly what he is doing when he is raising over and over again during a game?

What Makes Drivers Aggressive?


First of all, the uprising number of cars on the road and the continuous development of traffic makes us come face to face with an increasing number of aggressive drivers. Some aggressive road behaviors can even lead to health- or life-threatening situations on the road; speeding and not respecting a safe distance to other cars in traffic or inappropriate gestures often times used as stress and frustration relievers can all cause serious problems. And, unfortunately, they are only a few of the types of aggressive behavior many drivers show on the roads and highways of the planet.

Should You Take A Chance Behind The Wheel?

While taking a risk is accepted and even encouraged in some areas and industries such as poker or gambling in general in all of its forms, it is unacceptable on the road. Taking a risk while behind the wheel – taking your hands off the wheel for a few seconds and hitting the acceleration, letting your teenage child driver without having a driver’s license, or hitting the road with a flat tire could all lead to real tragedies in the shortest amount of time. Speeding for the pure pleasure of feeling the adrenaline pumping in your veins or showing signs of an aggressive behavior while driving could both have serious consequences not only for the aggressive drivers, but for the rest of the people involved in traffic – the rest of the drivers, pedestrians etc.

How To Quench Your Thirst For Taking Dangerous Risks Driving?

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