single most rewarding project (he’s) ever undertaken

351w / 435 HORSEPOWER

As his “single most rewarding project (he’s) ever undertaken”, Bill Dane is beyond happy with his Factory Five.  Recently, we stumbled onto , which is a remarkable step by step chronology of his build and the pride that has gone into each step along the way, and it’s immediately evident.

Bill’s beautiful Mk3 Roadster includes a list of features that rival the best Swiss army knife:

Along with the “big thanks to Factory Five Racing – first for producing such a high quality product that allows average Joes like us to build way cool, high-performance cars like these, and secondly, for standing behind the products and taking care of things when necessary”, Bill is thankful to everyone who has had a hand in helping him to complete his dream car.

Engine Factory 351w/400hp crate motor (1974 block with roller cam conversion)

Tremec TKO500 tranny with mid-shift kit,  8.8 rear with 3.73 gears