Coyote 650+HP Supercharged Engine – 6R80W Transmission PKG


This a Brand New Package. We’ve also included the  New Transmission from a T56 6 Speed Transmission and Related Parts.  Works in Hot Rods, Restomods, Trucks and Muscle Cars with Retrofitting components.

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Coyote 650 HP Supercharged Engine – 6R80W Transmission Pkg

This a Brand New Package. Includes the complete 5.0 coyote Supercharged setup. We’ve also included the  6R80W Transmission  and Related Parts

We are offering Coyote 650+HP Supercharged Engine & 6R80W Transmission PKG in a very complete price, please check the Product specifications and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

5.0 Coyote 650+ HP  –  6R80W  6 Speed Transmission Combo

  • GEN 2 Coyote 5.0L (302 cubic inches)
  • 10.5:1 compression ratio (nominal)
  • Hyperuetectic pistons with Graphal® low friction coating
  • Forged Crankshaft
  • Manley® H-beam connecting rods with ARP® 2000 bolts
  • BOSS 302 connecting rod bearings
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinder block,   features cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength
  • Moroso Low profile Rear sump Retrofit oil pan with 8qt capacity features optimized oil drainback and windage tray to control oil and improve high-rpm performance
  • Tuned Lower intake Plenum manifold with production drive by wire – upgraded Throttle Body
  • Four-valve-per-cylinder aluminum heads with roller-finger followers reduce friction with Boss Valve Springs
  • The Ford Racing “Coyote” Engine Control Pack includes a PCM with Ford Racing calibration, Electronic Throttle Control accelerator pedal, a unique downsized power distribution module, Air box with inlet tube, MAF sensor with bolts, and EGO sensors.
  • Front Timing Cover and Harmonic Balancer
  • Hardened Gerotor Oil Pump
  • Includes colder heat range zero (0) spark plugs,VMP – Loki 2.65L with Small Pulley FOR 5.0L COYOTE SUPERCHARGER KIT
  • Includes Ford Racing oil filter
  • Oil Separator mounted in Place on the Passenger side Valve cover to Plenum
  • 6 Speed Flexplate with Hardened bolts
  • Vehicle harness and PCM  included, designed for street rod/project car installation.
  • Remote Mount Filter Adapter  available for applications requiring oil filter relocation
  • Engine mount bosses and bellhousing mount pattern common to 4.6L modular engines.
  • Hose fittings ie.  Heater, pcv
  • Oil Filter Relocation Kit
  • Includes Alternator, AC Compressor and P/S Kit with Brackets and Pulleys.
  • 6R80W Re-engineered 6 Speed Transmission with matching converter, hardware  Shipped with Engine as one unit.
  • Universal shifter Cable High Torque Starter Installed
  • Ford ST Install Hardware kitHP TUNER CREDITS RTD and remote LUND Tune Session included


Year Range Make Model
1966-1973 Ford Mustang
1979-1993 Ford Mustang
1979-1993 Factory Five MKIV
1979-1993 Factory Five Hot Rod
1966-1977 Ford Bronco
1963-1977 Ford F100
1963-1977 Ford FStreet Rod


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