7.3 Godzilla Crate Engine For Kit Car / Hot Rod / Muscle Car

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7.3 Godzilla Crate Engine For Kit Car / Hot Rod / Muscle Car

This 7.3 Godzilla Engine  Package is setup with Muscle Car / Hot Rod enthusiasts in mind, looking for complete solution.    Includes the vehicle specific needed electronics optional accessory serpentine drive, sensors to get engine up and running . The Godzilla is a  naturally aspirated V8 engine Delivers lots of grunt seat of the pants Torque!.  What makes this engine amazing is that Ford returned to a cam-in-block design with push rods and wedge-style heads vs. the modular or Coyote platform its been developing for more than two decades. Bellhousing bolt pattern same as 4.6/5.4 and 5.0 Coyote.

This 445 cubic inch “Foxzilla”  is fairly compact for a big-cube block, with dimensions that are just a little bit bigger than a 351W small-block. Godzilla is  smaller than the big block Ford V8, the 385-series 460, in every aspect…length, width, and without question, weight.


  • 7.3L displacement
  • Bore 107.2 mm x stroke 101.0 mm
  • Cast iron block.  Overall weight approx 580lbs
  • Aluminum High Flow cylinder heads
  • Intake valve diameter 55.13 mm
  • Exhaust valve diameter 42.53 mm
  • Lift (intake/exhaust) 13.67 mm / 15.26 mm
  • Cam-in-block OHV design w/variable cam timing
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Cast Aluminum pistons
  • 550+ HP @5800 rpms with proper flowing exhaust
  • 550+ lb/ft of torque at 4,000 rpm
  • 10.5:1 compression
  • Port fuel injection
  • 8qt capacity Low Profile Retrofit  oil pan saves approx. 4 inches from the stock pan for more ground clearance.
  •  Lower Profile Intake manifold (for more hood clearance) and 80 mm throttle body
  • Throttle body Adapter
  • Ignition coils and wires
  • Control Pack and ECU. Transmission Controllers, Throttle Pedal
  • High Torque Starter
  • Oil cooler / Coolant block off ports installed
  • Water Pump
  • Storage cradle with Engine Lift Brackets
  • Includes Flywheel
  • Vehicle harness and PCM  included
  • NEW wiring and installation kit designed for street rod/project car installation.
  • Ford Racing Oil Filter
  • Billet Serpentine Pulley Kit with Alternator Power Steering and AC Compressor optional listed Above.





Exhaust Headers Mid length
Universal Engine Mounts for Fox Body Swap



  • 1979-93 Mustang
  • Early Mustang 65-73 with some mods
  • Hot Rod and Kit Car Projects



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