In my 351w they used a roller Comp Cam and a Dynagear double roller timing set, I started with a base 351w 400hp package, and I upgraded quite a few things… roller rockers w/larger studs, polished air gap manifold, vic jr heads, Canton pan w/windage tray, hardened oil pump rod, etc. 

I’ve been running 91 octane fuel (highest octane readily available in California) without having to retard the timing, and the engine runs very strong. As a matter of fact, if you’re just looking for a strong street cruiser type engine going with a hot 351w or stroked 351w may be much more engine than you’re expecting. I plan to drive my Mustang in open track events, and I know I have a lot to learn about driving a 400+ hp muscle car!

If you give them a call, I’m sure they’ll go over all the details and adjust to whatever request you might have. I was very happy with the service and performance of their product.

Here’s a link to a detailed spec sheet for my engine…

You can also see some pics if you click the link in my signature below.

67 C code fastback –
Paint & Body done 1/27/09
Global West a-arms
Maier springs
Koni shocks
Baer disc brake system
alum radiator w/dual electric fans
G-Force T5
31 spline 9″ w/3:50 gears
Azenis RT 615 225/50/16 front & rear