History of Engines and Transmission

First of the five generations of the Ford Bronco, the model that came out in 1966 was a competitor for the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harverster Scout.

The Bronco wasn’t sharing its components with any of the Ford lineup of the time. It had an original frame, suspension and a body because the car was an original concept in the Ford line-up – a simple, sturdy, small off-road vehicle. The car’s design was focused on simplicity, that’s why all the windows were flat, the bumpers were made out of C-section and the chassis was a box-section ladder.

Original Factory Engines

The original engine lineup consisted of;

  •  170-cid straight-six
  • 200 cid Straight – six
  • 260-cid  V-8 2 barrel carb
  • 289-cid V-8 up to 271 horsepower.

Factory Transmission options


  • 3 speed C4 Auto

  • 3 speed Manual

  • 4 speed manual Toploader

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