Driving Across the Web | Weld Racing


All things related to automobiles, the latest technologies, including Weld custom wheels, without much surprise, are thoroughly represented online. The old joke about an ‘Information Superhighway’ has more traction than ever for motorheads — although the new Web puts the union of Internet and automobiles into a high gear with turbo.

Going Anywhere Online

There is a lot of value and learning for any car enthusiast who uses the Web for research. However, perhaps the best resource online, actually, is other humans who are online. Forums, groups in Facebook, informative Twitter streams and so forth can help anybody join the ranks of people who are truly in-the-know about cars.

Unlike roads, however nice, which are shared by other cars that take up space and create frustrating obstacles, when we surf the Web, there is relatively little friction. We can go to the sites we please. Interestingly this efficiency can help us as drivers, whether it’s GPS mapping with voice instructions or its productive sessions of information gathering.


Play a Game


Maybe you have noticed how many services (such as e-learning or corporate training programs) are adopting the methods of games — because as it turns out gaming holds our attention and we can learn in that state of mind.

It’s like the state of mind when we’re driving an amazing car with fast wheels and a tuned engine, on wonderful roads — it can feel like flying. Sometimes good insights happen at those times (without impairing attention on the driving) because the mind is relaxed yet alert, and perhaps seeing life through the liberating lens of driving.

People who love cars (and driving them) are generally the type who enjoy thrills. We are natural game-payers, in the very real act of operating and enjoying a vehicle that travels through real space, which is a game of life and death as well as pure enjoyment.

If you think about it, to play slots online (classycasinos.co.uk) is a thrill but a small one for the general thrill seeking type. In any case, for anybody’s tastes and interests, the Web provides plenty of ways to increase enjoyment of what one loves — especially fast cars.