Automotive Locksmiths: What Every Car Owner Should Know


If you own a vehicle, you should know about automotive locksmiths.  These are locksmiths that either specialize in automotive locks or at least work with them in addition to other locks.  While we often find ourselves in less-than-pleasant situations when needing one, these professionals are vital to the comfort of every car owner.

Every car owner needs an automotive locksmith. When it comes to the health of your car, you have many responsibilities.  While some of them are regular enough that you keep them at the front of your mind, others are not so obvious.  The health of your locks and ignition are some of the stealthiest responsibilities car owners have as you never really think about them until you are in serious need of help.

And that doesn’t even get into the fact that most of the times you need an automotive locksmith are emergency situations.  So rather than waiting for a situation to arise, start forming a relationship with a trusted automotive locksmith, such as those at


Why You Need an Automotive Locksmith


There are so many things that can happen which will require the help of a professional automotive locksmith.

  • You get into the car and start the engine, then realize that there is a flyer under your wiper.  You get out to retrieve it and the wind pushes your door shut, locking you out of your running car.
  • To make the scenario even worse, perhaps a child or pet is locked inside.
  • Your trunk starts to stick and you put too much force on the key, breaking it off in the lock.
  • Or you drop your keys in the trunk as you put your groceries in, and lock them inside.
  • You turn your ignition, but it either sticks or nothing happens at all.

In each of these cases, there are services that an automotive locksmith can offer you to get you out of a bad situation and back on the road.


Lockout Services


For automotive locksmiths, this is easily their most common service rendered.  No one plans to lock themselves out of their cars, but it is so easy to do.  Our minds are always one step ahead of our actions, and just like that, your keys are locked inside.

However, the results of doing so can be devastating.  Best case scenario, your entire day gets thrown about 30 minutes off schedule.  Worst case scenario, your child or pet is stuck inside a hot car until help arrives.

And since these emergencies never happen at convenient times, you want to make sure you have the number of an automotive locksmith on hand.  Look for one that offers quick service as well as 24/7 availability.


Ignition Services


The next most common service offered by automotive locksmiths is ignition services.  These services are rendered because the ignition is either worn or broken.  This can occur simply due to age or because the driver keeps too many items on their keychain, wearing down the mechanism.

If this happens to you, an automotive locksmith will be a cheaper and faster solution than a mechanic.  Save yourself time and money and make your call to your locksmith.


Key Duplication


While this isn’t the last service an automotive locksmith will offer, it is the third most common and the last we will be featuring here.  Car keys are not easy to duplicate, especially chipped keys.  However, automotive locksmiths can do this with ease, making sure everyone who needs to drive your vehicle can without playing hot potato with the key.

So if you own a vehicle, waste no time: Find an automotive locksmith today.