351W / 400 HP, we installed a TKO-600

Behind the 351W / 400 HP, we installed a TKO-600, and opted for the Eaton Truetrac differential (as I’m an Eaton employee, I know about our unconditional focus on quality).  The rest of the car (save the SAI mod) is straight from the complete kit. We really like the flat torque curve of the Windsor in the light roadster…give the car a little throttle at any speed and RPM, and she’ll put you back in the seat.

Although 98% of the time the car is used for “pleasure cruises” around Orlando, we joined the Deep South C-car (edited) Club, and have run track days (though never timed wheel to wheel racing).  The pictures I’ve included are from the road course at the Gainesville International Raceway complex. 

Orlando, FL
FFR Owner