Yanek Hazuka – Happy Customer of FCE

I started on Friday at 4pm started again Saturday 6 am- 10pm, sleep in service, Sunday 4 am- 6pm I had no parts. oil connection, I needed some reduction. This is a problem here in Europe. Friends helped with garage supplies. Monday was done. start (3x start 5sec, 10sec pause) at the 2nd start the oil was already pushing, the oil gauge was moving. 3. start pressurized oil 3 bar. the ignition is switched on and the engine starts during one turn. runs great. today check oil and coolant replenishment and overall service. the car did not drive for half a year. In the Czech Republic this week we have a public holiday this Monday and Tuesday, thank God! I am extremely happy and extremely tired. I did everything myself. I can safely recommend you to all my friends, fans of US vehicles in the Czech Republic. good job. Thank you.

Yanek Hazuka
Czech Republic