Thomas Brioc

After beginning the FFR Mark IV in May of 2012 (you had agreed prior in 2011 to rack the kit for me due to an unforseen divorce), I completed the rolling chassis within 6 mo., working on the build in a 10×20 storage unit (which created a multitude of challenges in itself) in Rochester Ma.

I then bought a home in 2013-14 where the car sat in the garage, body lying alongside the chassis not doing much to it, until June 2017. I then had started finally fitting body, doors, hood and trunk etc. Along with installing last aluminum panels in wheel wells, door rockers and radiator panels up front. Knowing I was now on a timeline. I had sold my home the previous month in May with a contingency to close and relocate to FL. in Sept. 2017.

In August of 2017 the car was in a local body shop in Wareham, being prepped and painted. I was reassembling it at the body shop (windshield, roll bars, lights, exhaust, vents, doors, hood, trunk, bumpers) literally while pieces were drying in order to load the car on the car carrier behind the u-haul truck in the next 2 days to make the move to Florida.

After buying my home here in FL.(2017) it took me the next 3 years doing the final tid bits on the kit (made brackets for rear view mirror, sun visors etc.), and what were to be mechanical bugs to work out. I then finally, I had to trailer the car 1 1/2 hrs. to have it “inspected” (a story in itself… amounted to basically shuffling paper work) to have a VIN# issued to the car and filed for the title and finally registered the car.

At any rate…. I thought I’d tell the story of the build which you directly played a hand in the process from the very start point. I also wanted to send along a few pics of a recent car show I entered whereby I placed 1st. in the Ford motor division. Unexpected since I didn’t build the car to show as much as I did it to drive and enjoy.

Thank you,

Thomas Brioc