Why follow when you can Lead!

Some 20+ years ago the owner of Engine Factory – Bruce Nelson had an idea that would change the engine marketplace forever.  Back in the early days some customers requested a few add on parts to their Long block to make the installation go more smoothly.  After gaining a reputation for this service, we knew we were onto something big!   It didn’t take long to realize this was only way to sell an engine as Turnkey Ready!   So with a lot hard work and listening we found a niche.   This may sound like a big claim of inventing the Crate engine of today, but years back the market was segmented.  Most companies just sold parts and didn’t have the experience or know how.    As of today other companies have followed suit including GM and Ford.  All in All we’ve managed to stay one step ahead of the competition, Engine Factory still has the advantage to truly customize each of our Engine Packages that others can’t match.

Respect in this industry just doesn’t come with selling the most.  You’re only as good as your last performance or in our case our last engine!   Engine Factory has built its reputation on Quality, Honesty, Technical knowhow and standing behind the product.

We’re probably most proud of all our past and present satisfied customers who’ve purchased a turnkey engine for their Muscle Car, Hot Rod or Kit Car. Customer Service is one of those things you notice when your not getting it!   Check out ourPhoto Gallery and customer letters.  We’d love to earn your business!

Why Follow when you can lead?

As we move forward in 2012 it’s debatable whether we’ve “turned the corner” of the economic downturn over the last couple of years.  We’re lucky to have so many supportive customers past and present -Thank you!!.  Ingenuity, hard work, perseverance mixed in there with the power of positive thinking is contagious. It’s a formula that has stood the test of time throughout our company.

Solving problems and Creating Solutions
We’re proud of the fact we’ve impacted and pioneered the Turnkey Engine Marketplace of today.  Years back everything was segmented, if you wanted Engine parts for your Muscle car or Hot Rod you needed to go all over timbuktu to find anything.  On top of that it you had to put things together yourself.  Engine Factory consolidated this and created vehicle specific Engine Package Solutions. We were the first to produce and market them on a large scale on the Internet.  All of our Turkey engines are Hot Run Tested and Dialed in which is the only way to know if your engine is to perform and run properly.

The whole Story
The engine business can be a tough; success comes from knowing what works and what doesn’t in the “real world”.  Well, Engine Factory has been around the block a few times to experience this first hand!! Through our 40+years in business we’ve seen plenty of companies enjoy short lived results.  Luring their victims (sorry customers) by promising lower prices, “just as good” parts, extended warranties, “experience” or perhaps more horsepower.  All are common smokescreen tactics in this industry.  Just as good or cheap lead to catastrophes.  Most of these same companies have also closed their doors or filed for bankruptcy.  Not all engines are created equally.

Value vs. Cost:
Take McDonalds for instance; you get a “Value Meal” includes a Burger, Fries and a drink.  A pretty good value for $5.00.  Compare this to going to a fine Italian Restaurant. You sit down to enjoy the atmosphere, personalized service and the 5 course meal for let’s say $100.  Both offer a different type of value but obviously you get what you pay for.  Point being the quality of the parts, workmanship, experience, reputation and of course price should all be considered when purchasing an engine.  We provide an excellent product, back it up with personalized customer service at a fair price.

Buying an Engine.
Let’s face it, buying an $8,000 engine isn’t the same as buying a gallon of milk.

Will it fit?
Will it be right for my vehicle?,
How much power do I need?,
What components are used?
Can I customize my Order, What are my options?
What are the differences?
How and where is it delivered?

These are common questions that were asked. We’ve adapted to the need for customizing while controlling the cost with economies of scale. Vast improvements to our website have made it easier to follow, answer a lot of the Frequently asked questions. Our experienced sales staff do their best to make you feel comfortable with your purchase.  Our satisfied customer list continues to grow. We’d love to earn your business.  Feel free to email or call us for your next engine.

1-800-704-5385 or 561-741-1909 internationally for any questions or further details. We will work within your needs, Horsepower and budget.

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