• A Layaway Contract Is up to 12 Months *In some cases you can go over the 12 month contract, But pricing is subject to change due to part manufacture price increases.*
  • A $2000 Deposit Is collected From The Customer At The Time Of Opening The Payment Plan
  • Once Payment Amount Has Reached 75% of Purchase Price, Engine Will Be Put On Build Schedule And Will Become Subject To Our Cancellation Policy
  • If A Payment Plan Is Cancelled During The Six Month Period, The Customer Is Eligible For A Refund Minus Cancellation Fees. After The Six Month Contract Expires Deposits Are Non Refundable.
  • The Cancellation Fee For All Layaway Contracts Is As Follows:
    • If You Cancel Within 15 Days Of Initial Deposit, You Will Receive A 10%* Reduction e.g.: $2000 deposit monies will result in $1800 refund
    • If You Cancel After 15 Days But Before Your 6 Month Contract Date Expiration, You Will Receive A 25%* Reduction e.g.: $2000 deposit monies will result in $1500 Refund
  • Final Payment Plan Payment Must Be Made Prior To Shipment Of Engine

Transaction Policy:

You Can Use One Or Any Combination Of These Acceptable Payment Options:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover
  • Bank Wire
  • Money Order, Personal Check, Certified Check
  • No Partial Takeouts Or Partial Cancellations Are Permitted
  • There Will Be No Price Adjustments After 7 Days From The Date You Start Your Payment Plan
  • All Cancellations Must Be In Writing “” And The Customer Must Contact Us Via Phone “(800) 704-5385

*Percentage Based On Actual Amount Of All Deposit Monies