Coyote 79-93 Fox Body Mustang Conversion

While Dropping in a New Coyote Engine and Transmission requires planning and retrofitting;  these may include upgrading K members, suspension, custom mounts, chassis upgrades etc
Its become very popular and easier with our Master Engine and Transmission Packages for the Fox Body Ford Mustang restoration Projects.

The Master Engine and Transmission Packages offered by TD performance Includes most items needed to make the swap go more smoothly

  • Complete Coyote engine. 
  • Billet Serpentine Pulley Kit with AC , Power steering and Alternator. Reconfigured for better fitment
  • Control pack, ECU, Harness and Sensors. Labeled, with Plugins
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Modified Oil Pan
  • Automatic Transmission with Converter or Manual Transmission with Clutch package. Flexplate or Flywheel + Hardware Kit
  • Tight fit Exhaust Headers
  • Engine and Trans Mounts
  • Starter
  • Radiator, Fan and Shroud
  • Heater Hose fittings and plumbing
  • Fuel Fittings
  • Brackets for Power steering reservoir, ECU Bracket
  • Oil filter and Cooler adapters
  • Plenum Covers etc.

* Some Exceptions Apply. Some items may not be included and can vary based upon the Vehicle and application.

Complete Coyote engine

5.0 Coyote / 460 Horsepower Engine. 

The all-aluminum Gen 3 5.0L Coyote crate engine is a modern 5.0L 32-valve DOHC V-8 that uses advanced features like Direct and Port Fuel Injection, Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT), high flow cylinder heads, and 12 to 1 compression ratio to deliver 460 horsepower @ 7000 rpm and 420 ft.-lb.+ of torque @ 4600 rpm (with premium fuel). The lightweight plasma transferred wire arc spray aluminum cylinder block features cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength, optimized oil drainback and windage control to improve high-rpm performance.

Serpentine Kit

Billet Serpentine Pulley Kit with AC , Power steering and Alternator.  Reconfigured Accessories for better fitment

Other Accessories

Control pack, ECU, Harness and Sensors.  Labeled, with Plugins

Accelerator Pedal

Sensor, Accelerator Pedal Position, Aluminum Pads

Modified Oil Pan

In some chassis its required to change out the large oil pan to a smaller profile one to clear the frame
or cross member. The custom fabricated lower Profile oil pan provides a few extra inches of clearance and ground clearance. Some of the Gen 3 oil pans are swapped with the GEN 2 version oil pan with the properly matched oil pickup screen.

Transmission options

Complete Automatic or Manual Transmission Kits. Manual Kits included with Fitment hardware, Clutch components, bellhousing, starter. Automatic Kits include Converter, controllers, starter and hardware etc.

Exhaust Headers

• Tight Fitting Cast Flanges & Tight Radius Elbows
• Jig Fixture, Hand TIG welded for precision quality control
• Easy Install
• 1 7/8” Primaries – 3” Collectors
• Package Includes Everything needed for the installation of the headers, Hardware and Cometic HTS Gaskets.

High Torque Starter with Harness

  • 2 bolt flange
  • Compact construction, great for header clearance
  • Weighs approximately 6lbs
  • Includes starter cables
  • Applicable starter supplied for manual or Automatic Transmissions

Radiator, Fan and Shroud kit

  1. Muscle Car Aluminum Radiator
  2. High CFM Electric Fan & Shroud
  3. Relay And Temp Switch Kit
  4. PWM Fan Control Kit