Modern Fueling: Aeromotive Fuel System Upgrades for EFI

Upgrading a 30-plus-year-old fuel system is always a good idea, especially if you’re also installing a new engine, fuel tank or doing an EFI conversion. Chances are the old system is inefficient, worn out or mounted outside of the fuel tank. The advantages of an in-tank fuel pump setup are that there are fewer possible issues that can arise with vapor-lock from engine heat or with fuel sloshing around. The folks over at Aeromotive have channeled their racing heritage to help develop the perfect solution for hot rodders. The Aeromotive Phantom system is a universal drop-in fuel pump, pickup and baffle that can be installed onto a factory tank or new fuel cell.

The simple drop-in Phantom system from Aeromotive eliminates the need for welding, installing baffling and other custom modifications. A few drilled holes, measuring and cutting to fit your tank, and you’re ready to go. When it comes to performance, an upgraded fuel system is important as well in order to meet the higher horsepower needs of the engine. Internal baffling helps keep the fuel near the pickup at all times. Otherwise, hard acceleration, braking or turning could move the fuel around in the tank and cause cavitation or vapor lock.

The Aeromotive Phantom Fuel system is an easy-to-install, universal kit, which means it can be placed into your existing fuel tank if you’re converting from a carburetor setup to electronic fuel injection (EFI) or into a new fuel cell for fresh builds. While it’s usually necessary to upgrade the fuel pump when switching to EFI, the Phantom Fuel System also works for carburetor setups that need a more efficient and powerful fuel setup. On an EFI system, the Phantom Stealth 340 fuel pump supports up to 700 hp on a forced air induction engine, or 825 hp on a naturally aspirated system. For carburetors, it supports up to 900 or 1,000 hp depending on the setup. A more budget-minded Stealth 200 is also available that supports up to 425 and 550 hp on EFI setups or 550 and 750 hp on carbureted engines. 











Article courtesy of Street Trucks.